Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pastel Goth

Urmm, I'm .... not sure how to feel about this.

Ok, the bats I can get behind, but I digress.

I realize that this has been covered before on other blogs, but I just began to look into it and discovered that I has some pretty strong feelings about it. Namely, that this isn't Goth.

*Small rant: before I get all sorts of comments about "everyone has a right to their opinion of what Goth is!" yes, I agree. I also agree that everyone should have a right to their opinion of what Goth isn't. Everyone has the right, feel the equality.*

I can't find the 'Goth" in this. Ok the bats, but that's about all I've seen. It doesn't have any of the traditional markers of a Goth offspring.

Something I've noticed is that this seems to be consistently referred to as a trend. Such as here.  While I understand that Goth itself has been touted as a trend by the mainstream before, we were underground first. I wasn't aware of this thing until it showed up on tumblr in droves and in online retail stores. It maybe that I just wasn't aware of its existence before then, but to me it seems like it was created more in the mainstream than the subculture.

And what is with the upside-down crosses? I wonder if all these people buying them from retail chains have any idea of the symbols connotations in religion. It has been used in the Catholic Church as a symbol of St. Peter, who was crucified upside-down at his request because he didn't think himself worthy of dying in the same manner as Jesus. It has also been used as a Satanic symbol. Most people recognize it as Satanic, so you should be prepared for assumptions being made when you wear it. (Even if they are true, because the term Satanist means different things to the mainstream population and true, honest to darkness Satanists.)

Either way, it is a religious symbol that means something to somebody, therefore it does not belong on your ass.

But, even if I can't see Goth here, maybe it's not a bad thing that this is being called Goth. It's bright, happy, and therefore contradicts a lot of stereotypes about Goths that really don't do us any favors. Like we are all depressed and suicidal, for instance. 

But please, can we not be so shlumpy as to wear baggy sweatshirts? Please?

Ok, I've had my say, now it's your turn. What do you guys think about this?

And I'm talking to you too, my new followers, welcome!


  1. Hiya! - I'm a new follower.
    I'm not very aware of 'pastel goth' but from first impressions, it appears to me to be a way to make goth more accessable to the general population. I'm not really a fan of it. It seems way too cutesy and 'little girl'-y for my liking. But as with any trend, if people like it, then I'm not one to judge. It might be a passing fad or not.
    As for the religious symbols though, I feel like that's just bad taste. I don't think it's really right to wear anything commonly recognised as religious symbol unless you associate with those beliefs. Obviously this goes for the inverted cross too, though as with a lot of things (satanic imagery in certain music came to mind), it's probably intended for shock value.

  2. While I don't want to get into the who is Goth and who isn't game, I'd have to agree that the above pastels and clothing don't look very Goth to me. I mean, pink and blue bats? Come on now!

    As for religious/spiritual symbols, I don't have a problem with people wearing whatever they feel is appropriate. The upside down cross on the pants however, seems strategically placed in order to offend the religious sensibilities of others. I know that people often enjoy doing this, but I have to agree with the above comment. I believe it's in bad taste.

    I've never been supportive of mainstreaming Gothic or any alternative culture. Sure, there might be some benefits gained from it, but all in all, I think it cheapens the fashion and the subculture. I'd rather see Goth stay outside the mainstream; that way, our culture will maintain some distinctness and character.

  3. ...Pacifiers? Are we ravers now? I think I can get behind cotton candy colored hair (though not on my head. Ever.) and I'm okay with Docs being lilac, but really a lot of that looked like cheap plastic crap. That's where I think I draw the line. Things can be bright colors or light washes, so long as they still look put together. A lot of this on the source page really doesn't work.

  4. I'm what I consider a "purist" when it comes to goth, although I believe there is an inherent amount of leeway; this, however, really just crosses the line, in a big way. This reminds me of the now (thankfully) defunct "Graver" trend of a few years ago, which was essentially a hybrid of goth & raver, which really has no correlation. I realize goth has always been a "tongue-in-cheek" movement, but this is actually a bit offensive.

  5. I think goth fashion can evolve and yes, even hit a mainstream pulse. Why wouldn't it? It already happened in the 80's as new romantics, and in the 90's as a goth-grunge look. This is the future i n fashion and it happens to adopt alot of goth style, in a different way. Some of it is a little overused or kind of silly. But when it is done right, it's pulled off usually takes a goth with an open mind and a really great sense of style to make it look right. There can be a REAL haute-couture type of fashion in goth to get people like you a little mad, and that in itself is a fashion form of rebellion. When it isn't considered goth enough, why should it always fit into a narrow look? You can look goth and pull off a few pastels and's true.

  6. PS - Satanism is totally in.

    1. Are you serious a religion shouldent be a trend it what you believe in

  7. Fashion styles are forever evolving - but that's not to say that 'traditional' Goth wear is just going to die out. Pastel Goth take a lot of influence from the streets of Harajuku, and you can see styles such as Creepy Cute being mixed in there. I think it's nice that people have a way to express themselves perhaps in a town where they might not feel as comfortable wearing full on goth wear but still want some influence from it.

  8. I like the look of pastel goth but I think it is miss named it dosnt look like it has very much to do with goth as for the inverted cross number one I wouldn't ware it certenly if people would see me as satinic number 2 I find it rude put a cross in your ass like why ...

  9. Funny thing is, back in the 90s, people said the exact same thing about "perky goth". Batty, from Azrael's Accomplice, got A LOT of crap for her "bubbly- pink & black-cutesy pig tales-and-sparkly cute bats" aesthetic. Some felt it wasn't Goth because goth "isn't cute". Yet, these same people were avid fans of Switchblade Symphony *rolls eyes*. That's why I think it's pointless to have an opinion on what Goth isn't. It does more harm than good. Poor Batty had to endure so much of people's loud mouth opinions on HER lifestyle. When, honestly, she wasn't bothering their personal lifestyle in any way.

    I personally wouldn't wear ANYTHING deemed pastel goth. But, I like that it's doing something different and I can appreciate it on others who wear it very well.

    "It has also been used as a Satanic symbol."

    Satanists wear it for the same reasons they read the Bible backwards. From what I've read it's all apart of a ritual of blasphemies. While Catholic folks use it it's more commonly associated with Satanism because of metal bands like Black Sabbath and King Diamond (who were heavily into black magic and satanism, btw).

  10. I'm ok with it. I love pastel colours and it's cuteness. As long as the fashion itself is Gothic, (like corsets, fishnet, ect.), I would see it as Goth. It depends on how you wear it. Since Pastel Goth is more casual, it's a bit difficult to see that except for the bats and stuff. It's pretty much just pastel colours with black. Bubble Goth has a similar style to Pastel Goth, except it's more Gothic in fashion, like Cybergoth. It has some Lolita, Babydoll, kind of Japanese inspired. A light and dark style with a creepy cuteness to it. Pastel Goth is like a take-off on that except less Goth and more Fairy Kei.

  11. Honestly, like many people are saying in these comments, goth is evolving. Coming from a pastel goth herself, i personally think it's beautiful what i wear. Yes, i get that the upside down crosses are a bit too much (Which is why i don't wear them at all, or anything related to the topic of satanism.) but i mean, we like colors! We adore the pastel blues and pink and purples and greens, it's just adorable! I do understand though, goth doesn't really fit with this trend, but hey, it's pretty! I kinda think of it as kawaii fashion and grunge/goth fashion had a one night stand that didn't end too well, and the bubbly, colorful, and grungy fashion that is called Pastel Goth came into this world with a bang. Just be yourself and wear what you wanna wear, no matter what name it is or how it may look, It's awesome! xD

  12. A lot of it looks sort of cheap (at least the items in that picture), done in poor taste and just kind of childish. If people really want to dress like that, to each their own, I just wished they didn't call themselves goth as the majority have nothing to do with the goth subculture at all (not the music, not the fashion, didn't even come out of the goth subculture). Goth is about finding the beauty in darkness, this is sort of like the opposite. Maybe if the pastel was toned down (like the outfit is mostly black or another dark color and with just a splash of pastel) and the overall style had some more elements that would make it more goth and they listened to the music, the jewerly/accessories didn't like like cheap plastic, etc...than it might not be so bad.

    That is why I have less of a problem with Nu goth. While a bit too hisptery and overdone with the occult symbols for my taste and seems more like a trend as well, it still gives it nod to the original goth culture and can have a very 80's/retro look. It is aware that is a bit different and modern but also recognizes where it gets it's influences from and goths in the past. It can still work.

    I like the suggest I heard others gave before, call it creepy cute instead. It is much more fitting (especially since it actually originated from the kawaii culture meaning cute) and it won't take away from the goth community. Everyone will be happy.