Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outfit Post!

Yay! I have new clothes to show you!

Shirt: Brand new from Vanity Fair. 
Ruffle Top: old Walmart find that I've worn here before.
Boots: ebay

I forgot to tell everyone on my last post, Sam and I are buying a house! It's a beautiful three-bedroom brick house, with a formal dining room in the front that I'll be using as a library. I've already gotten a couple of chairs and a coffee table for that room, and two desks that we already had, but I'm still looking for bookcases. I can't wait to show you guys pictures! We're supposed to close on September 9th. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Didn't Die!

Hello again readers! I am so sorry for the long, long hiatus, and most especially for not giving much - if any - warning.

The last year has been in interesting and complicated time for me. I left you when I decided to leave college, and truth be told, I was headed for a major nervous breakdown. Things were happening in my personal life that felt as though I were fighting a tidal wave, and I had to unplug for a while.

I've spent a lot of time soul-searching and trying to find a sense of purpose. I tried working a minimal job just to say I was contributing to the household, but it didn't work out. My social anxiety has gotten to the point that, most days, I would rather not leave the house. I am also struggling with questions of self-worth because of my lack of financial contribution to my home.

If I am totally honest with myself, I prefer to be a housewife. I enjoy staying at home and being there when my son needs me, not leaving him with a babysitter or extended family all the time. I think it has given us both a chance to get to know each other more. I also like being able to write whenever I want; I've flung myself headfirst into my poetry and diary over the last year, and I've found it to be very fulfilling and therapeutic.

Speaking of therapy, I'm seeing a counselor for anxiety and depression. I haven't been going long, but I feel like it's helping. I like talking to someone about my feelings instead of just relying on medication.

So! With all that personal meandering out of the way, what is to become of my blog, and what are my prospects for the future? I am going to recommence Misadventures in the same vain as it always has been, but in the next several weeks I will be working putting together a new site that I will link to this one. Though playing the Great Rejection Game with literary magazines is thrilling and all that, I want to try a more 21st century approach. I plan on publishing some of my own work online, and seeing what sort of response I get. I value each and every one of your opinions, so please feel free to leave me criticisms and comments on this new blog. If all goes well, I may use it as leverage to publish a collection sometime in the vague future.

I'm hoping I haven't lost too many readers during my absence, and I look forward to writing again. Here's to being back from the dead!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A small note about Comments

Non-post really, but.....

Please do not comment on my blog with just a url to another site. I will assume you are spamming and delete it. If it is something you really think I should check out or would be interested in, please email me.

Sorry for the mini-rant. That is all.

Good day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Of Life Changes and New Directions

Hello darlings, a lot has been going on with me lately, and I haven't been able to quite put it all into words, so my blogging has been neglected, but I would like to share some new revelations that I have had and how these are effecting the direction my life is apt to take.

I've dropped out of college.

I know this sounds horrible, but I've come to the conclusion that after six years of pursuing three different degrees, and still not achieving a diploma, that college is simply not for me at the moment; or at least, the programs I was in are not for me.

See, every one of the programs I had enrolled in had something to do with journalism or the media industry, and the more I understand about how these entities work, the less I like the degree. Quite frankly I don't want to be a journalist anymore. I still want to write, but in a different capacity.

So what am I doing now? What is my job title?


I've decided to become a recluse of sorts for a couple of years and work on my poetry and on getting published. I'll probably end up with a minimal job to help pay the bills, but that will allow me to leave work at work and focus on my writing when I am at home.

As a sample of what I am doing, I'll give you a poem. I'm usually loath to post things on the internet because of the very real possibility of plagiarism, but I suppose one for the sake of example won't hurt.


I don't
what they expected
to grow
when they planted
my body 
in this plot,
especially since
they've already stuck
some false flowers
in a plastic
and left. 

I think the reason I've been avoiding this post is because I wanted to include a poem in it, and I'm notoriously self-conscious about sharing my work. I'm my worst critic.

As far as my blog, I don't think things will change much. I'll be spending more time at home now, so I might be able to post more regularly.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 165th Birthday to.....

Mr. Bram Stoker! Check out the amazing logo Google put up:

We have a gorgeous edition of Dracula that's almost too pretty to read. Almost.

front cover

My phone doesn't like color, so the pages are a much more brilliant red than what this picture is showing.


Back cover.

Ok, maybe I'm a little overly-proud of my book, but it's pretty and I'm allowed.