Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Time Is It?

I've found some cute time pieces on Ebay. I must have them, especially this one:

Grim Reaper! You're time is up.....that was corny, forgive me:

This one I need for my writing desk:

All very cute reminders of our fleeting time here on earth. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Obsessions: Socks

Yes, I have a slight obsession with socks; Halloween patterned socks, that is. I know it sounds weird, but just go with it.

I hate the sight of those plain white athletic socks that everyone in the mainstream seems to think should be the standard, along with athletic shoes (rant: tennis shoes should only be worn when playing sports, not with every single outfit ever!). Personally I don't see how these things add to ones personal style, and I an a great believer in everything being a maker of style, no matter if it is visible to the general pubic or not. Yes this includes panties. There is no excuse for being lazy while shopping and buying ugly panties because they are in your size, but I digress.

So, a couple of years ago I set out on a mission to rid my wardrobe of tacky white socks. The original plan was to simply stock up on Halloween socks during the Halloween season. Here in the US, we are blessed with nearly every shop stocking (mostly) cute Halloween stuff starting around September. Then came the realization that Ebay has a virtual stock of cute spooky patterned socks all year round.

Thus my husband's nightmare began.

I didn't over do it too much (I don't think), but I now have enough spooky cute socks to have allowed me to throw away all tacky ugly white socks in favor of those that better suit my wardrobe: spiders and skulls and bats, oh my!
Some of my sock collection

I still troll around Ebay looking for good finds, and I can't wait for Halloween this year to replace some of my socks that have gotten slightly old and ratty-looking. 

Sam makes fun of me, but our son has several pair of "spooky socks" of his own that he loves to pick out everyday, and even Sam wears the dancing skeleton pair that I bought for him every weekend when he isn't working. 

These are some that I'm coveting at the moment: ebay.

Future obsessions post: horror movies clowns. Do you guys have any weird obsessions?

Monday, May 28, 2012

On being a Goth Mom

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, we've had a busy few days.

Since I became a mother, I've had a few instances of people (family especially) being a little critical of my dress and the way I dress my child. I don;t quite understand where the idea that Goths cannot make good parents comes from, but I suppose it's something to do with the ramped media fueled bad stereotyping or something.

My biggest complaint is when people assume that I'm making Zach dress like me. This usually comes from a soccer mom with a little girl that is in a matching outfit. Yes, I tend to buy Zach's t-shits during Halloween, and even when it's not during the spooky season he gets things with skulls and the like on them, but what people don't realize is that he picks out his own clothes. He chooses what we buy and what he wears everyday. I'm not forcing him into anything.

Now it is true that he probably goes for what he sees his father and me wearing, and he might decide when he gets older that he doesn't want to dress spooky anymore, and I'm perfectly ok with that. He is his own person, and he has the right to express himself in whatever way he wants.

I do have a few worries that perhaps other 'normal' (I hate that word) parents don't have to think about. What if he begins to be made fun of in school? I know that most kids get picked on regardless of what they wear, but will that make him wary of wearing what he likes because of the opinions of others? I've tried to impress upon him that he should wear and do what he wants no matter what other people think.

My other worry is that he will be made fun of because of the way his father and I look. Kids are cruel creatures, and I'm afraid of what will be said to him when his mother shows up to PTA looking like Morticia Addams.

Me and my gremlin. I didn't realize he had picked out a shirt that looked like mine until after the picture was taken.

In the end all of my anxiety comes down to teaching my son to appreciate all kinds of beauty, not just the pretty pink pastel world of endless happiness that we are taught to live in. I think I'm raising him to be accepting and empathetic, which surly will quell the nastiness of other people.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Goth Day Photoshoot

Hello darkings! I've been watching my page views quite obsessively and am delighted to see people actually reading what I have to say, it's great! I think my husband is laughing at me because of my giddiness, but oh well....

Our World Goth Day went very well, considering it couldn't really start until Sam arrived home from work, but we did stroll about the graveyard a bit before we went out to dinner. As promised, I have pictures:

This is my beloved husband, Sam. Forgive the flash burn, he is a wielder. Isn't he handsome in his top hat and cane?

What I'm wearing:
Zombie Marilyn Monroe top: Hot Topic
Skirt: Ross
Parasol: ebay
necklace: Spencer's 
Lacey arm things: gift from Sam
Coffin handbag: ebay

You'll notice that I do a lot of ebay shopping, that's because I'm broke and thrifty; I also buy a great amount of cloths from Goodwill.

We spent the night being as stereotypically Goth as possible. When we finished dinner, we bought some cherry flavored cloves, and then went home and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD and got drunk. It was great!

What did you guys do to celebrate how great we are?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy World Goth Day!

Yay! World Goth Day is here, a day in which we celebrate just how awesome it is to be a Goth. I'm planning to surprise my husband with a romantic stroll around our local graveyard tonight.

I'll post pics of our outfits later.

Monday, May 21, 2012

On the use of the term "babybat"

Although I've seen several people touch on this subject before, it was this post over at the Everyday Goth that got me thinking seriously on the subject.

The term 'babybat' refers to either someone very young or someone very new to the scene. While I understand the concept, I seriously question whether this word is a little elitist for a subculture that claims to be nonjudgmental.

Now I know someone out there is slapping themselves in the forehead and screaming, "but have you seen the fashion disasters and the Mansonites trying to be Goth???" Yes, I'm well aware of those who are new to the fashion making mistakes, having made a few of them myself. But honestly I see no reason for the older of the scene to look down their pale little noses at someone doing it 'wrong' and deciding whether that person can be called either a Goth or a babybat.

I never called myself a babybat. I've been dressing in darker tones since high school, and once I moved on to college and did a bit of research I decided that Goth was for me, so I started calling myself a Goth. Being isolated from others in the darkling throng, I was never questioned or called a 'babybat' by anyone else, but I imagine it would have been very vexing if I had been. After all, no one could decide whether I was Goth or not except for myself.

I know I probably seem like a newbie compared to the rest of the online community, and starting this blog I was (and still am) slightly afraid of someone finding it and saying "really? You have no clue what you're on about." But it's ok, I'm having fun with it and am happy with who I am.

So what are you guy's thoughts on the term 'babybat'?

Oh, and for a shot of straight cute:

An actual baby bat! Look how cute with its big ears and ittle face!

Any thoughts? 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missing Pics

Ok, I'm having problems with my pictures disappearing the next day. I'll try to find the problem and have them back up as soon as I can. Sorry!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halloween Goth?

So you might have noticed that I describe myself as a Victorian/Halloween Goth in my profile. What in the underworld do I mean when I say "Halloween Goth," you may ask? Allow me to explain.

I've seen many Goths (ok, online Goths, but whatever) invent their own names for their personal interpretation of Goth fashion. I've never really seen a subset that described me accurately. Victorian comes close, but not entirely.

So! Halloween Goth; my definition would be 'one who revels in Halloween imagery in fashion and other aspects (home decor, etc) on a daily basis.'

Now I know that Halloween is held dear to most Goths. I say most because I've seen some write rather venomously on the subject, saying that it too cheesy or what have you. Most Goths do revel in Halloween  imagery to a vast extent, with the wearing of skulls and spiders and bats and such. What I'm saying is that my use of Halloween images mounts almost to an obsession.

Am I serious? Partly.

I know it sounds ridiculous, and that I probably sound more of a newbie than I intend, but if we can't laugh at ourselves for dressing to the nines in jack-o-lantern-themed goodies and calling it "fashion" then we all might as well give up an respect for this subculture and go back to the mainstream right now. Self-procalimed style monikers don't have to be entirely serious.

So what do you get when you pair flowing lacy skirts with Halloween t-shirts purchased in Walmart clearance sales? Behold the Victorian/Halloween Goth!

glittery spider top: Goodwill
spider lace long-sleeve top: ebay
skirt: Goodwill
lace-up victorian boots: Goodwill
necklace: Gift from Sam

And lookie! Halloween socks!!!!

So, what are your thoughts on making up a name to describe yourself? Leave me a comment!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Outfit post

This was yesterday's outfit:

giant bow on my wrist: Hot Topic (stop smirking)
Necklace and earrings: Spencer's

I love these skeleton Victorian lady cameos.

And look, Zombies!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

You Might be a Goth if....

  • Yu spend more money during the Halloween season of one year than you have during the Christmas season of the last three.
  • When buying Halloween goodies, the casher trying to scan your purse thinking it is a decor item.
  • When you log into your ebay account, you see advertisements for Shrine, Lip Service, or Tripp.
  • your friends request to borrow your home decor times to use as Halloween decorations.
  • There are more skeletons in our  wardrobe than a typical anatomy classroom.
  • For Valentine's Day, you've given your significant other some hear-shaped object -- that was anatomically correct.   

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday; my lovely husband surprised me with a bottle of my favorite liquor and this gorgeous neck corset.


How pretty! I really love it, but it is rather a bitch to put on. You can look at it in more detail here. The seller also has a green version of the corset. I love the little bat wings in the back!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello everyone out there in bloggy land!

With that cheesy and overenthusiastic intro aside, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Sarah, I've been a Goth since high school, but I've never really known any other Goths. When I met my husband I thought I was in heaven (well, I was, but I digress) because I had found someone like me. Well, we fell madly in love and I became one of the cliches about Goths only dating/marrying other Goths, though I assure you that the connection was much deeper than the state of our outfits. We got married on Halloween, and will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary this year. But there was still a problem.

Still no other Goths.

Living in a very small town is extremely difficult when living an alternative lifestyle. Though I occasionally see other spooky types when I'm out and about, and there is one of us at my college, I still feel quite isolated. There are no clubs here, no way to socialize with like-minded individuals, except for of course the internet.

So that leads me to my blog! This is my connection and contribution to the scene that I feel I've been missing out on. So let the madness begin!

I'll be posting my thoughts about different aspects of the subculture, random ranting and railing, and some outfit posts. I hope with this foray into the world of the internets I can at least be an amusement to someone doing some random searching.