Monday, May 21, 2012

On the use of the term "babybat"

Although I've seen several people touch on this subject before, it was this post over at the Everyday Goth that got me thinking seriously on the subject.

The term 'babybat' refers to either someone very young or someone very new to the scene. While I understand the concept, I seriously question whether this word is a little elitist for a subculture that claims to be nonjudgmental.

Now I know someone out there is slapping themselves in the forehead and screaming, "but have you seen the fashion disasters and the Mansonites trying to be Goth???" Yes, I'm well aware of those who are new to the fashion making mistakes, having made a few of them myself. But honestly I see no reason for the older of the scene to look down their pale little noses at someone doing it 'wrong' and deciding whether that person can be called either a Goth or a babybat.

I never called myself a babybat. I've been dressing in darker tones since high school, and once I moved on to college and did a bit of research I decided that Goth was for me, so I started calling myself a Goth. Being isolated from others in the darkling throng, I was never questioned or called a 'babybat' by anyone else, but I imagine it would have been very vexing if I had been. After all, no one could decide whether I was Goth or not except for myself.

I know I probably seem like a newbie compared to the rest of the online community, and starting this blog I was (and still am) slightly afraid of someone finding it and saying "really? You have no clue what you're on about." But it's ok, I'm having fun with it and am happy with who I am.

So what are you guy's thoughts on the term 'babybat'?

Oh, and for a shot of straight cute:

An actual baby bat! Look how cute with its big ears and ittle face!

Any thoughts? 


  1. Anyone who posts bat pics makes me smile. =3

  2. It's an endearing term rather than a bad one.