Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Obsessions: Socks

Yes, I have a slight obsession with socks; Halloween patterned socks, that is. I know it sounds weird, but just go with it.

I hate the sight of those plain white athletic socks that everyone in the mainstream seems to think should be the standard, along with athletic shoes (rant: tennis shoes should only be worn when playing sports, not with every single outfit ever!). Personally I don't see how these things add to ones personal style, and I an a great believer in everything being a maker of style, no matter if it is visible to the general pubic or not. Yes this includes panties. There is no excuse for being lazy while shopping and buying ugly panties because they are in your size, but I digress.

So, a couple of years ago I set out on a mission to rid my wardrobe of tacky white socks. The original plan was to simply stock up on Halloween socks during the Halloween season. Here in the US, we are blessed with nearly every shop stocking (mostly) cute Halloween stuff starting around September. Then came the realization that Ebay has a virtual stock of cute spooky patterned socks all year round.

Thus my husband's nightmare began.

I didn't over do it too much (I don't think), but I now have enough spooky cute socks to have allowed me to throw away all tacky ugly white socks in favor of those that better suit my wardrobe: spiders and skulls and bats, oh my!
Some of my sock collection

I still troll around Ebay looking for good finds, and I can't wait for Halloween this year to replace some of my socks that have gotten slightly old and ratty-looking. 

Sam makes fun of me, but our son has several pair of "spooky socks" of his own that he loves to pick out everyday, and even Sam wears the dancing skeleton pair that I bought for him every weekend when he isn't working. 

These are some that I'm coveting at the moment: ebay.

Future obsessions post: horror movies clowns. Do you guys have any weird obsessions?


  1. My daughter (nearly 6) loves her spider socks, bat socks, and skull socks, and wears them year-round.

    1. Hi brokenone! My son is almost six and does the same thing. i think it's cute!