Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Goth Day Photoshoot

Hello darkings! I've been watching my page views quite obsessively and am delighted to see people actually reading what I have to say, it's great! I think my husband is laughing at me because of my giddiness, but oh well....

Our World Goth Day went very well, considering it couldn't really start until Sam arrived home from work, but we did stroll about the graveyard a bit before we went out to dinner. As promised, I have pictures:

This is my beloved husband, Sam. Forgive the flash burn, he is a wielder. Isn't he handsome in his top hat and cane?

What I'm wearing:
Zombie Marilyn Monroe top: Hot Topic
Skirt: Ross
Parasol: ebay
necklace: Spencer's 
Lacey arm things: gift from Sam
Coffin handbag: ebay

You'll notice that I do a lot of ebay shopping, that's because I'm broke and thrifty; I also buy a great amount of cloths from Goodwill.

We spent the night being as stereotypically Goth as possible. When we finished dinner, we bought some cherry flavored cloves, and then went home and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD and got drunk. It was great!

What did you guys do to celebrate how great we are?


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog but not sure how I can follow it? I don't see google friend connect? anyway, nice blog. I have a facebook group you may be interested in. Just a bunch of gals of all ages goth and non-goth but spooky hanging out. :)

    1. Thanks Lady Bethezda! I just really started blogging so I'm not sure how to put google friend connect on it. I'll check out the Facebook though!

  2. You look like an interesting couple; and, one that appears a little bit older and therefore, more mature--folks I could be comfortable hanging out with. I love that cemetery in the background.