Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello everyone out there in bloggy land!

With that cheesy and overenthusiastic intro aside, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Sarah, I've been a Goth since high school, but I've never really known any other Goths. When I met my husband I thought I was in heaven (well, I was, but I digress) because I had found someone like me. Well, we fell madly in love and I became one of the cliches about Goths only dating/marrying other Goths, though I assure you that the connection was much deeper than the state of our outfits. We got married on Halloween, and will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary this year. But there was still a problem.

Still no other Goths.

Living in a very small town is extremely difficult when living an alternative lifestyle. Though I occasionally see other spooky types when I'm out and about, and there is one of us at my college, I still feel quite isolated. There are no clubs here, no way to socialize with like-minded individuals, except for of course the internet.

So that leads me to my blog! This is my connection and contribution to the scene that I feel I've been missing out on. So let the madness begin!

I'll be posting my thoughts about different aspects of the subculture, random ranting and railing, and some outfit posts. I hope with this foray into the world of the internets I can at least be an amusement to someone doing some random searching. 


  1. If you are interested in actually interacting in the goth subculture and lifestyle, you should take monthly or bi-monthly trips on your off days to Atlanta to check out some of the places and people that are interested in similar music, style, and theories as you. My friend James ( is a DJ and musician who hosts goth nights in a cool small venue called 529 in East Atlanta Village (a village very well-known for it's alternative lifestyles). There's also plenty of clubs who play goth, EBM, and industrial music. Meet people around these places to find more bands and culture in the goth lifestyle. You've hardly had any exposure to the real scene, and it seems like you need it.

    1. Jenmarie,

      Thanks for your input! I really would like to go to places like that, but Atlanta is about 2 hours away from me and I have very limited resources (meaning I'm broke), so the extra gas isn't really an option for me. Maybe I can get my husband to come with me on a future birthday or special occasion, though.

  2. Here's some music that alot of other gothic people really enjoy, you may hear some of it played in the clubs if you decide to go.