Sunday, July 15, 2012

On Being a Christian Goth, Part II

Warning! This post contains religious beliefs that are entirely my own.

I feel that the first time I entered this subject I became a bit....well, whiney. "oh poor me, look how rejected I am," instead of explaining what it means to be a Christian Goth.

I find beauty in all of God's creations, whether or not they are considered "nice" or "pretty" by the majority of people. Skulls, skeletons, bats, spiders, all of these are creations. Somehow it has been decided by the great nameless and faceless "they" that these things are dark and scary, and only suitable to be enjoyed around October.

A brief tangent about wearing black: I've seen some Christian Goth sites say that they wear black as a symbol of dying to sin, mourning our Savior's death, or mourning for a lost and dying world. I think this is a bit extreme when trying to find a religious theme for every aspect of your personality, when in reality it is perfectly ok for you to like something just because you like it. I wear black because I like it, that's it nothing deeper.

God gets credit for all of our greatest attributes, but seldom do people give Him credit for their very personalities. God made you who you are for a reason. I firmly believe that God meant for me to be a Goth. No, really. Because of my particular walk and experience with the Church, I have had the opportunity to talk to people about spiritual issues who would normally never talk to a Christian or set foot in a Church. One of the strangest things I've realized is that I seem to attract questions from Atheists. (Me being a Christian, having numerous Atheist friends, yeah that's weird to me).

Let me be clear for a second, I am not in the business of saving any one's soul; that's God's job. However I am responsible for sharing what I can, and if that happens to make someone think about spiritual matters, then I consider that a blessing.

I am a Christian because I've seen numerous things in my life that have proven to me God's presence. I am a Goth because I am attracted to things of a dark and spooky nature. I am a Christian Goth.

By the way, my husband has started a blog on this very subject: check out Gothic Christian Ministry.


  1. I think it's fantastic that you are Christian and a Goth! I am proud of you for being true to yourself. I don't see why Goths cannot be religious as well.

  2. Your testimony reminds me of the event called Gothicon for Christian Goths. Here is a link to a video called “A Light in the Darkness - The 2011 GOTHICON Documentary” that gives further details about it

  3. When I read this I felt like it could have been me writing it, I'm a christian goth too. I found your blog yesterday and I love it!