Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday Outfits: Victorian Grunge

Welcome new followers, and yay for over 10,000 views! 

This is a bit late for a Sunday post, but I really liked this outfit. About a year ago, Sam bought me a top from Ebay that turned out to be too small; I recently unearthed it again (I never throw anything away), and decided to cut off the sleeves and make it a vest of sorts.

Ergo, Victorian Grunge fashion is born:

Should have worn my spiked collar with it. 

What do you guys think? Will this catch on? Cut apart your clothes for the sake of fashion!


  1. Nice! Never thought of a Victorian Grunge look but this looks and sounds awesome.

  2. Victorian Grunge? What will they think of next? It works for me!

  3. *This* is what it's all about! Once upon a time, this was our only option-DIY; we didn't have many off-the-rack options, so we hit the thrift shops, and if we found something that didn't quite work, we solved the issue with a snip here, a tuck there, etc. I, for one, prefer this option, as it really adds a bit of variety.