Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Outfit

What I wore to Church this morning:

Dress: thrifted
Shrug: Burlington Coat Factory
Tights: Walmart
Heels: Iron Fist from HT

Don't know why I tend to look pink in camera phone pictures, oh well.

Skeletion hand baret: spencer's

Check out what my husband and son wore over at Gothic Christian Ministry!


  1. Much as I ADORE that barrette, I think I would be constantly fearful it was creeping down my face, ready to snatch out an eyeball or something ... ;o)

  2. I think your outfit looked very appropriate. It was stylish and didn't strike me as something that would shock in church--and then I saw the skeleton's hand caressing your forehead!

  3. Hey Sarah it's your favorite black goth guy. I'm sure you know who I am. This is the first time I've read what you've posted and it's pretty good. We need to hang out again. I got a hold of a camera and have several hours to kill whenever you get the chance. I could've texted this to you but I chose not to. See you later.

    1. Hi random person I don't know!
      I'm kidding, of course I know you. I'll text you sometime and see if I can make it to Warner Robins soon. But you aren't allowed to take pictures of me, you know I'm a very private person......

  4. Hi Sarah, I enjoy your bang of clothes hahahahahaha well, have a good day!