Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skirt for Sale

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a new skirt I bought from ebay. Well, I just got it in yesterday and it don't fit; since I would have to pay the return shipping and the seller is only willing to give me a part of what I paid for it in return, I've decided to sell it myself.

Would any of you lovely darlings like this skirt?

The original post can be found here.

The seller labeled the piece as fitting a U.S. size 8 - 14. I am somewhere between a 6 and 8 and the skirt was too small, so maybe a 2 - 4 would be a better fit. It has an elastic waist, and is somewhat sheer, but a pair of tights or bloomers would easily fix this. It is very lightweight and would be perfect for wear in hot weather.

If you are possessed of a small waist, or know someone who is, and are interested in the skirt, please shoot me an email (which is linked in my blogger profile) so we can discuss payment and shipping.

Please note that my size estimation is in U.S. sizes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goth Color Blocking

I don't know how many of you keep up with the mainstream and their fashion fads; I don't normally myself save for what I see people wearing on the street, but there is one that a fashion-forward friend of mine wrote an article about in our college newspaper when I was its Editor-in-Chief (this has been a couple of semesters ago) that I rather liked and wanted to try.

It's called color blocking, and basically uses contrasting colors paired together to make a statement. There is an article explaining it more thoroughly here. The overall effect is striking, if not slightly daunting, so I thought there had to be a way of Gothing it up.

So voila, here it is: Goth Color Blocking!


Ok, so it's still mostly black, but I've managed to splash in some purple, green, pink, and yellow.

This top I got from Walmart last Halloween, the skeleton bat necklace is from Spencer's.

Skirt is from Hot Topic, it's Tripp.

Tights are from Walmart, last Halloween as well. Shoes are Iron Fist, from HT I think. No one does high heels like Iron Fist!

And for no apparent reason, the term Goth Color Blocking made me think of this video, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've been distracted

New book with which I have been amusing myself:

I actually can't wait for my Fall classes to start at the college so I can have something productive to do, meanwhile I've been reading a lot.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

But....I am "Normal"!

Have you every had that person who, when you try to explain Goth to them, asks the curious question, "But what do you do?"

Ummm, people things?

Ok, I get it (somewhat), we dress differently than other people do. We're spooky and different, so maybe it is natural to think that we spend our free time in graveyards communing with the dead, or building coffin-shaped beds in which to sleep, or cooking in large cauldrons instead of on a stove. The reality is that, no, we just go to the grocery store and get ice cream and then go home and watch TV.

While it would be more exciting to led some sort of extraordinary life when one decides to be a Goth, we really are regular people just like you, we just do a lot of shopping around Halloween.

My lovely husband and I, being all "normal."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute Kids vs. Creepy Adults

Source  (Yes it's Marilyn Manson, what of it?)

Ok, say you're walking down the street, in all your Gothy glory, when a random child exclaims over your appearance and stares avidly at you. Cute, right? Now picture an adult staring avidly at you in the same way. Kind of makes your skin crawl, doesn't it?

Case in point; my Sam and I were in Walmart getting some groceries when this little girl stares tapping her brother franticly on the shoulder and staring at us with this awe-stuck look on her face. I though this was indescribably cute. On the other hand, when the mom noticed what the kids were looking at, she goes "oh my God" and....stares. Quite a different stare than the kids.

Why is it that when kids do this, it's cute, but when adults do it, it's just plain creepy.

I think it has something to do with our perception of what is going on in either the kid or the adult's mind. Usually, kids are more open to the strange and unusual than adults are, so we see their reaction as being innocently curious (I say usually, because I have had a couple of instances where the kid spat more venom than I thought was possible for their age, so I know it is possible that not all kids are like that). However, most adults are not as forgiving of weirdness, so their stares have more of a negative connotation. I'm not saying this is true of all adults, just the ones who stare in a creepy way. 

What do you guys think? Have you run into this phenomenon, and what are your thoughts on it? 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Say Good-bye to long hair

I cut my hair! I think this is as short as I've ever had it; I just couldn't see going through the suffocating Georgia heat with that long, thick mass of curl.

Forgive the bemused expression, it was early.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Obsessions: Clowns

I've found that a lot of people are afraid of clowns because they find them scary; I love clowns because I find them scary! Of course most of the clowns that I adore are of the horror movie variety, such as Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's It. 

Of course, I've always had a soft spot for very cheaply made B-Horror. Couple that with my love of evil clowns and imagine my delight when a friend introduced me to Killer Klowns from Outer Space! No movie will ever top the people-eating shadow puppet scene.

And I've uncovered plans to release a Killer Klowns 2 next year! Read about it here.

Not all scary clowns are evil, however. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas features a 'clown with a tear-away face' who is nothing short of adorable. Like all the towns people of Halloween Town, he looks frightening but has a lovely personality. This movie has been my favorite since it was released when I was five.

I think what I most enjoy about clowns is that they are something that is traditionally perceived as innocent and fun, but can be easily turned into something wicked and deadly. There are many more movies that feature clowns, but as I'm writing a blog post and not a novel, I'll leave it here and let you guys look through your movie collections and try and find some

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Debating on PVC

I've never owned anything made from PVC, but I've seen some pieces lately that have a Victorian feel to them and am curious about the fabric. My immediate impression is that I'll squeak when I walk.

Source: ebay

Do any of you guys own anything PVC? How does it wear, how does it feel, and how would I take care of it? Please leave me a comment!

Monday, June 11, 2012

New skirt is coming!

I found and ordered this cute asymmetrical skirt from ebay with some belated birthday money I received from my grandparents. I'm just picturing what it will look like with some combat boots! As soon as I get it in I'll have an outfit post for you guys so I can show it off, because I'm generous and kind-hearted like that and not at all vain. Well, maybe a little.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outfit post

This post was supposed to be for sophistique noir's Red & Black week, but I somehow missed it, but I like the picture anyway so here it is:

Bloody top: hot topic
Skull necklace (with a little red rose: Claire's
Devil voodoo doll earrings: hot topic.

Yes, once upon a time I did a lot of shopping at Hot Topic, when the store actually had things that I wanted. I've had that top for a few years; the last couple of years I've bought almost everything from Goodwill or some other thrift store. Or of course Halloween clarence sales......

Friday, June 8, 2012

On Being a Christian Goth

I've had over one hundred page views! And I want to thank Dark Side of the Net for featuring my blog, I was really excited.

I've had many instances where my dark tendencies have resulted in not-so-nice or uncomfortable comments and assumptions. But, because I've accepted that the way I choose to dress contradicts the norm, I cannot rightfully complain about negative attention. However, there are instances that I wish would not happen, and the most sensitive of those are judgments that are frequently made about me regarding my faith.

I'm a Christian, and have been since I accepted the Lord at the age of eight. I've gone to church on a regular basis, even gotten my parents involved with the church we are in now. All through school I was actively involved with the youth group and other such things, and I was always readily accepted and even adored by the members of the church.

But that all started to change when I was in high school and began to develop a taste for dark and spooky clothing.

I began to get comments - not just the Halloween is over or what are you dressed as comments - but accusations of being a devil-worshipper or witch. Being of the Christian faith, these comments hurt in a way that nothing else does. There was a period of about 6 or 7 years that I did not attend any church, that I would not even set foot in a church, to avoid these remarks.

The problem persisted when I had a hard time finding a preacher who would marry my husband and I. Because we wanted to be married on Halloween day, it made the first several people I talked to scatter. My old youth paster, who now has his own church, would't even do it. Then we got into contact with the preacher at my old church, the one that I had attended since I was about 9, but had left. He was happy to give us marriage counseling (sneaky little way not to pay for the marriage license), and to marry us on the day that we wanted.

After the wedding we started going back to church. I wanted to take my son; I have my own scruples with the church as an entity, in many ways I am a strange Christian, but I wanted him to be exposed and to be able to make up his own mind about things when he was old enough. There was some comfortableness at first, but it died down quickly and soon Sam and I were regular fixtures:

"Oh yes, welcome to our church! Here we have the pastor, the deacons, assorted sunday school teachers, and oh yes that cute couple in black cloths and top hats...."

Everything was great until the pastor left. He felt that he was called else where, and I felt ominous; what was going to happen when a new preacher came? My question was shortly answered. When our new preacher told me that the way Sam and I dress projects death, darkness, and witchcraft.

Now, darkness in the Bible is different than the concept of 'darkness' in western mainstream culture. The word used in the Bible is a metaphor for sin, not black clothing. I tried to debate the new pastor over this issue, even sent him to so that he could understand a little bit more about Goth, since he seemed not to have a clue what it was, but he won't listen.

My biggest issue is what is considered dark is ridiculous. Skulls, spiders, bats, all are made by God, but are somehow projected as being evil. I don't understand how people can decide if one is a Christian or not based on the way one is dressed.

Has anyone else had problems with this?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Out with the Family

I meant to post this yesterday, but my internet connection wouldn't let me. By the by, anyone who has any dealings with Verizon Wireless, do NOT buy their hotspot for your internet, it's crap.

Well, on to why I haven't posted over the weekend! I when out with my parents and sister for a boat ride on T=the Flint River near Lake Blackshear. I reeked of sunscreen, or course, and by some miracle didn't get sunburned. So here I am looking spectacularly out of place:

That's my mother and father, and my mother's chihuahua wrapped up in the blanket. I didn't get any pictures of Sam; he's holding the camera.

That's my sister beside me.

There ensued all sorts of jokes about me being out in the sun and not bursting into flames.....gotta love the family.