Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 165th Birthday to.....

Mr. Bram Stoker! Check out the amazing logo Google put up:

We have a gorgeous edition of Dracula that's almost too pretty to read. Almost.

front cover

My phone doesn't like color, so the pages are a much more brilliant red than what this picture is showing.


Back cover.

Ok, maybe I'm a little overly-proud of my book, but it's pretty and I'm allowed. 


  1. It IS pretty, and you ARE allowed ... :D

  2. Definitely pretty, and definitely allowed! I love classic books with a coffee-table touch!

  3. Thank you Bram Stoker for a great story and 165 years of vampire mythology!

    Your book is very impressive looking. I'm wondering how old your copy might be. Any ideas?

    1. It's only a couple years old, but I can't remember where we got it from.

  4. That does look too pretty to read!

  5. I had a special edition copy of Dracula back in the day. My ex bought it for me when he was working at Borders (you know, back when Borders still existed). Sadly, a cat puked on it and it was never the same. :(