Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

YAY! The day is finally here, and we have had a great time at my house. Sam and Zach went Trick-or-Treating and my Mom and I sat outside and handed out candy to appease the little gremlins.

Sam with his new trench coat.

Zach as a Vampire with glow-in-the-dark green fangs.

And me in my neck corset and mini witch's hat.

PVC bat wings!

So this Halloween day marks my handsome husband and I's 2nd wedding anniversary. I'm so excited, and we had a really fun time together. I think we'll be going out to eat together this weekend. I'm so grateful that I've found someone to take this life journey with. I love you Sam. 


  1. Would it be too weird to mention how much I love your kitchen? Seriously, this is such a beautiful post on every level.

  2. The three of you sure do have a nice variety of clothes and outfits. You're fortunate to have found one another. Happy Anniversary!