Monday, October 22, 2012

Outfit Post: The Lady in White

I like to wear a mostly white outfit every now and then to throw people off. This is actually the same outfit I wore on Halloween day last year, and people kept complementing me on my costume.....

Top: skeletal bride and groom, from Walmart last Halloween
Skirt: the white skirt I bought at Goodwill, and added the lace trim myself. All hand-striched, because I have an irrational fear of sewing machines. They make me think I'm going to sew my finger to something.

The skeleton lady cameos you have seen on me before; I thought the pearls and white details were a nice touch to this outfit.

I'm debating on what I want to wear on Halloween day this year. I don't wear costumes, but I do dress up to the nines in whatever I have. What are you guys planning to wear? Do you have any special plans for the day?


  1. Walmart is beginning to surprise me with the Halloween every day items they come out with each year! That shirt is great!

    For Halloween this year I made it a mission to do something festive, because every year is just spent shopping and I really feel like I am beginning to miss the point of why I love the idea of Halloween so much. So! I plan that at the very least, I will donate some of my time to the Halloween booth they're having in Town Hall.

  2. If my local Walmart would have had this shirt last year I would have gotten one. Lucky you. I do have the cameo just not on pearls.

  3. I'm lucky enough to be heading to a goth festival in Whitby (UK) this Halloween, and have a couple of gorgeous dresses by sister companies Hell Bunny (their Fatal dress, retro 50's gothic prom style with fishnet and ribbons) and Spin Doctor (victorian steampunk gorgeousness). Don't know if you guys have them in the USA, but they often come up on Ebay (mostly but some on .com).

    And I'm Jane BTW, a short ginger English goth who stumbled this way and just wants to say hi :-)
    I generally look like a gothic librarian, if you can imagine such a thing!

  4. I think you look very nice in that outfit. And even though it's predominantly white, you incorporated enough black to maintain your Gothic ambiance. The hat works well with it too!

    As for what I do on Halloween...well, I'm kind of a loner; so I don't generally bother with costumes or anything. It's like, what's the purpose? Instead, I usually treat myself to a metal show at this special time of year and enjoy seeing what everyone else is wearing. Last night our local venue held its bi-weekly "Metal Monday," which was the closest one to Halloween this year. When I go to these I like to wear some of my newest and/or favorite Goth clothes while maintaining a certain amount of the metal style at the same time. That's not hard for me because my casual, everyday look is fairly metal-esque anyway. But that's generally how I celebrate Halloween.

    During the days and nights right around All Hallows Eve, I dress pretty darkly in celebration, even if I'm not doing anything special. I generally paint my nails black for a few days and might even apply some eyeliner in addition to wearing my favorite clothes, which usually involves something vampire themed.

  5. I have no real plans for Halloween. I'm probably just going to dress up spooky and go to the diner I go to almost every night. :) I'm thinking about going as a broken doll. We shall see.