Sunday, June 24, 2012

But....I am "Normal"!

Have you every had that person who, when you try to explain Goth to them, asks the curious question, "But what do you do?"

Ummm, people things?

Ok, I get it (somewhat), we dress differently than other people do. We're spooky and different, so maybe it is natural to think that we spend our free time in graveyards communing with the dead, or building coffin-shaped beds in which to sleep, or cooking in large cauldrons instead of on a stove. The reality is that, no, we just go to the grocery store and get ice cream and then go home and watch TV.

While it would be more exciting to led some sort of extraordinary life when one decides to be a Goth, we really are regular people just like you, we just do a lot of shopping around Halloween.

My lovely husband and I, being all "normal."


  1. You strike me as being a delightful couple and yes, very normal; at least by my standards. And look, you're outside during the daytime no less!

    By the way, I like your hubby's hat. It suits him.

  2. Haha, I had a guy at the pub ask me to explain to him 'the lifestyle of a goth'. I was like, "Um... the same as other people's...?" He must have liked my answer as he bought shots for me and my friends. o.O

    What do they THINK we do all day, one wonders...

    And I second Nightwind, you are a beautiful couple. :-)

  3. Nightwind - thanks, Sam enjoyed you complement immensely.
    I always put "normal" in quotation marks because it's such a relative term and I don't really like using it; what is "normal" for one person is strange and unusual for another, I just don't get some of the associations I get.

    Amy - I've read your blog for over a year before i started mine, so I'm uber excited to see you reading mine!
    As for your comment, I've had Goth being described to me by other people as being everything from a club to a religion to something to do with worshipping vampires; every time I think I've heard it all something more bizarre is said.

    I want free shots!!