Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Debating on PVC

I've never owned anything made from PVC, but I've seen some pieces lately that have a Victorian feel to them and am curious about the fabric. My immediate impression is that I'll squeak when I walk.

Source: ebay

Do any of you guys own anything PVC? How does it wear, how does it feel, and how would I take care of it? Please leave me a comment!


  1. Hello there, was directed to you via darklinks.com. Great blog!

    I own some PVC, most notably, a floor-length skirt that is flat black, not shiny. It looks divine on and I love it! And it's hotter than the hinges of hell to wear! Hot as in sweating hot. Very tough and very durable. The way to clean it is to "not get it dirty." It wipes clean, though. So this is a special-occasion garment only. I imagine there's a cleaner out there who specializes but I haven't researched. HTH -- RAleksandr

    1. Hi Raven! Yes, I saw the post on dark links about me, I was very flattered.

      Keeping it clean would't really be an issue, I'm compulsive about getting my clothes dirty while I'm wearing them. My main concern was my immediate impression about the sound I would make wearing it and walking in it. Will I squeak? I know that sound funny, but I've never worn the material before. Does yours make you squeak when you walk?

  2. Matte PVC (leather-look) is a lot easier to wear than the shiny stuff. I have a PVC jacket, top, floor-length skirt and thigh-high boots. On the upper body, if you watch the sleeves you tend to squeak less, as opposed to boots and skirts that like to make orchestral amounts of noise on plastic-fabric furniture.

    Wipe clean as soon as you notice a stain, folding can leave creases, it is uncomfortable in close/humid weather.

    Phaze UK do lots of reasonably priced PVC clothing - matte and shiny in actual dress sizes so you can get a good fit.