Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Outfits

I just thought I'd share what Sam and I look like on a typical Sunday, going to Church.

Purple skull and spider web top: Spencer's
Black lace chocker: DIY gift
Skull and bone cross: this is my favorite cross necklace and has given me ample opportunity for debate amongst church folk. It was a gift from my sister, Emily.

Lace skirt: Goodwill
Iron Fist heels: shown here before, came from HT

Sam looked very handsome in Church today as well, usually he shows me up quite magnificently.

Top hat: ebay
glasses: ebay
Shirt: Walmart Halloween special
Tie: ebay

Black pants: Walmart
Boots: these are Demonia, but I can't remember where he got them.

Yay! Christian Goths in their natural habitat.


  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you two go to church! I think it would be a most interesting experience,

    1. Most of the time it's quite indifferent; people are used to us now. If we were to suddenly enter a new church for the first time, that would be interesting.

  2. Let's do it this way then: If you ever decide to attend a new church, let me know where it is and the time that Sunday Services begin. I'll shape shift and will head right over there. It will be much more entertaining than staying here watching Netflix.

    1. You need to find a way down here anyway, dude, the three of us really need to hang out.

  3. I have a question for you. Are you on Facebook?