Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Sampling of Tattoos

I mentioned in my last post that Sam and I had gotten matching tattoos for our first anniversary, but I neglected to post pictures of said tattoos. Bad me, here you go:


Mine, no they're not exactly the same; my artist never does two tats identically. 

I thought I would also take this opportunity to show off some of my other pieces. This isn't all of them, but seeing as I have ten, I thought that would be a bit much for one post.

My butterfly skull.

My first foot tat. I've had my ribs done, shoulder, shoulder blade, none of them ever hurt, but being tattooed on the foot, that freaking hurts.

Second foot tat. Pretty bats against a moon. 

As I said, this is only a small sampling of my ink. I think I might be slightly addicted. 


  1. I love the "If I Was Your Vampire" tattoo. The Jack O' Lantern is awesome!

  2. No, I don't have any right now. I have been thinking about it, but the tattoo I'd like to get would likely be a bit expensive.

  3. I love that your tats are all working together, and not competing with one another. As much as I love tattoos, I hate seeing people covered in random tats that seem to have no connection, and all done in varying skill levels and styles. Are they all done by the same artist? I actually have three, done by different artists, but the second two both apprenticed with the original artist.

    1. These are all done by the same artist, along with others that I don't have pictures of. My first two i ever had done were done by a different artist, unfortunately he was shot and killed in Florida and I had to look for someone else. However I'm happy with who I found. Eight total of my tats have been done by this artist.

    2. My original artist got too heavily involved with Meth (from what I heard), which is really sad, since he was so brilliant. Luckily, when I went back to the same shop, I learned that both subsequent artists had apprenticed with him, so I tool the leap. Mine are all roses, and since the style is the same, they're very cohesive.