Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halloween Goth?

So you might have noticed that I describe myself as a Victorian/Halloween Goth in my profile. What in the underworld do I mean when I say "Halloween Goth," you may ask? Allow me to explain.

I've seen many Goths (ok, online Goths, but whatever) invent their own names for their personal interpretation of Goth fashion. I've never really seen a subset that described me accurately. Victorian comes close, but not entirely.

So! Halloween Goth; my definition would be 'one who revels in Halloween imagery in fashion and other aspects (home decor, etc) on a daily basis.'

Now I know that Halloween is held dear to most Goths. I say most because I've seen some write rather venomously on the subject, saying that it too cheesy or what have you. Most Goths do revel in Halloween  imagery to a vast extent, with the wearing of skulls and spiders and bats and such. What I'm saying is that my use of Halloween images mounts almost to an obsession.

Am I serious? Partly.

I know it sounds ridiculous, and that I probably sound more of a newbie than I intend, but if we can't laugh at ourselves for dressing to the nines in jack-o-lantern-themed goodies and calling it "fashion" then we all might as well give up an respect for this subculture and go back to the mainstream right now. Self-procalimed style monikers don't have to be entirely serious.

So what do you get when you pair flowing lacy skirts with Halloween t-shirts purchased in Walmart clearance sales? Behold the Victorian/Halloween Goth!

glittery spider top: Goodwill
spider lace long-sleeve top: ebay
skirt: Goodwill
lace-up victorian boots: Goodwill
necklace: Gift from Sam

And lookie! Halloween socks!!!!

So, what are your thoughts on making up a name to describe yourself? Leave me a comment!

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  1. To invent your own name for the style that you wear is great. It is much more expressive of you or your style than a name anyone else could have come up with.
    You can't give the explanation you wrote here to anyone reading your description. Right, it does sound like a newbie and you're only partly serious. But people think you are a newbie and are completely serious.