Monday, August 13, 2012

Homework Assignment: Purses and Bags

The Professor over at The Dancing Maenad assigned this lovely piece of homework for this month. This is my first assignment post for her, and I'm uber excited about showing off my purse!

I got this last year from ebay, sometime just before Halloween. Twice while I was shopping I had clerks try to scan by coffin purse as a Halloween decoration! 


  1. Your bag is awesome! I been thinking a while to get one myself (or make it)

    1. Thanks! I'm very proud of it, I don't think I'll ever have a purse again that is not coffin-shaped.

  2. Awesome, I think, these coffin bags are rather cute, to be honest, but I like it a lot. ^^

  3. HAHAHA! Are you serious? Clerks can be so ... well, you know. Dense? hehehehe ... that's one of the nicest coffin purses I've seen in a while. Thanks for participating!