Sunday, August 12, 2012

I have Green Hair!

I had a friend bleach my roots and dye them green last night. I love doing things to my hair!

One a different note, I was laid-off Friday because of the business changing hands. I'm tired of working retail though, anyone looking for a writer?


  1. The whole planet will be laid-off before long. Everyone will be sacked and have no job, within the next ten years. Doesn't seem to be many jobs around at the moment. The rich and wealthy get the biggest and best jobs though. I call for a minute silence for this sacked planet of ours. I wonder if animals will get the sack next?

  2. Somehow I didn't notice that you had mentioned getting laid off. I'm very sorry and hope that something wonderful works out for you soon.

    1. Thanks, Nightwind. I've put in a couple applications, but I'm still looking around.

  3. I do the opposite: I have my hair dip dyed (red) by a professional (I'd be a mess if I dyed my hair myself). But the green roots look damn cool!